311 Days Left // Step No. 1

As of today, we have exactly 311 days until we hit the road and it seems so far away…

It’s been about a month and a half since we decided to go ALL IN on our dream of living on the road full time and we haven’t even marked off our step one yet, but that’s okay! I knew step one would take some time, especially since we are starting our busy season at work.

What is step one you ask? For Laith and I to get on the same schedule at work. (Since the start of writing this post I have changed step one to being: Set up business to make money! and step 2 is now to get on the same work schedule, so now at least I can feel like I am working towards step one, which will be something I have to work on until we leave anyway!)

This will allow us to sell one of our cars since we will be able to carpool every day. With the money from our car, we will pay off all of our credit cards to start building up our credit.

Once we sell one of our cars I feel like that will be the first BIG MOVE we’ve made towards our dream! Selling one of the cars will be HUGE for us! We haven’t decided which one to sell yet, either my Jeep Patriot or Laith’s Chevy Silverado. It’s tough because Laith LOVES his truck, and we still will need it to go to the races until we actually purchase our RV. This means we will most likely sell the Jeep and use the truck every day for work.

Until we get to complete step one, I need to hunker down and fully commit all of my free time to building my businesses up to make at least $5000 per month. This brings me to my favorite topic: HOW WE WILL MAKE MONEY TO SUPPORT OUR LIFESTYLE!

This is a topic that fills my thoughts every single day.

I know the most stable money maker will be web and graphic design. And this is something Laith and I can run together since we used to work together at GoDaddy in the web design department. I was a web designer and Laith was a design support rep who basically spoke to the clients, got all of their files, content, and photos together, talked to them about their goals, then handed everything over to me to turn into a killer site. We will be able to use this experience with our design business. It will be exciting to work together with him! I think we will make a great team in business just like we do in life!

My goal is to start booking clients over the next year and then have clients booked out at least six months to ensure we have money coming in. This way any money I make now with web design can be put into savings for when we purchase our RV and then have clients booked out for our living expenses while we are on the road.

The thought of just relying on web design does scare me, so I am also going to be working on building up my affiliate marketing BIG TIME through this blog, but mainly through Instagram. I plan to stay off of Facebook until we finally have announced to our work our plan… I want to ensure by the time we hit the road (7/4/19) that we have at least a few thousand dollars in passive income coming in through our affiliate channels.

How am I going to do that?! Instagram funnels and my own Instagram growth service, sold as an add-on to all of my design clients. EVENTUALLY, Laith and I want to start our own t-shirt line as well… but that will have to wait until we have actual income coming in since that is more of a passion project, albeit one that will be profitable.

  1. Finish iA.com
  2. Fix up CE.com
  3. Get Luxe Design Co. off of Squarespace
  4. Create Luxe services – blogs, business sites/shops, logos, social media graphics, photo editing, Instagram growth service
  5. Design Luxe Design Co. site on WP – find the themer/builder I want to use
  6. Setup Luxe process on Dubsado
  7. Create LLC – time to get OFFICIAL!
  8. Once Luxe is up and running smoothly I will finish my AMP training and setup all of my funnels to promote my business. I will promote Luxe, this blog, along with my free ebook, AND possibly the Secrets Exposed ebook.

Insta Funnels:

  1. Luxe – email subscribe – steps to starting a business, pitching my services ebook
  2. A+L Blog – email subscribe for how to start a blog email course – hosting affiliate $$$
  3. Insta growth service – leads to a landing page of my service to buy growth subscription, testimonials, actual results w/ discount
  4. Oasis MX – FB ads, insta ads, leads to shirt shop

I feel like I have a good plan for how we are going to make money between now and while we are on the road. What I’ve talked about in this post makes me feel like I can have a solid business plan that will bring in at least $5000 a month with both services and passive income.

Once I finish iA.com (which will be by tonight! I’m staying up all night until it is FINISHED) I will be able to dive in and start redesigning the Luxe site and figure out which builder I will use on all of my client sites (I’m leaning towards Beaver Builder). This will allow me to really test out each builder I’ve been looking at. Once Luxe is up and live I can focus on really working on this blog. Although, I have a feeling working on this blog will be something I do pretty often, both writing and designing the site.

I just have to remember, I AM A DESIGNER. I love to create, I love to dream, I love to feel inspired and creative, and I love running my own business.

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