Change is Bound to Happen!

Oh, how things have changed since I last wrote.

Yesterday, my husband decided to quit his job. He had been thinking about it for a few weeks now as he was unhappy with the work he did and the pay structure. He was also quite unhappy with the intense micromanagement he had to endure. So, yesterday he had had enough and decided to put in his resignation.

Where does this leave our plans?

Well, life isn’t exciting without a challenge and this is going to be a huge challenge for us, but one that I am excited about.

Why would I be excited?!

Well, there are a few things I’m not excited about, and a few things I am excited about.

I’m happy that Laith will now be home full-time and be able to take care of the house, the cleaning, the cooking, and taking care of the dogs. I’m excited he can babysit whenever my family needs him to.

I’m also excited because this just means that I need to work harder than I have before on my business to allow myself to quit my job. I’ve set a goal date of December 31st to quit my job. I’ll put in my two weeks notice on 12/31/18 so I can pursue my web design business full-time.

This means that I have two months to get my business fully set up and operating smoothly, finish up the current design projects I have and also book out as many clients as I can in the process.

This means that I have to utilize every waking moment to put in my best work to get the most done possible.

I also might be freaking the fuck out.

I’ve been sitting at my computer today since I work up around 10am. It’s almost 4pm. I haven’t accomplished much. I did the bills. I organized my to-do list. I created my content workbook to send to clients.

I think I’m just freaking out about the uncertainty of our future. Both of us having jobs allowed me to know how our bills were going to be paid. I also knew that we could get approved for an RV or a house since we both had jobs. Now, our only option for getting into a house would be on 2-3 years of self-employment income. And the only option to purchase an RV would be through a cash only offer.

I’d rather pay cash for our RV, but the fact that the RV I want ranges between $60-$70k is a bit worrisome.

This just means I need to make money more than ever. But I don’t want to feel desperate. I was able to book the design clients I have now because I was cheap and trusted. How am I going to book clients for more? How am I going to create recurring and passive revenue?

I know I can make money on Instagram, I just need a product and to setup my automation software.

I could sell Instagram growth services.

I could sell some sort of online class.

Today people are making tons of money online. I just need to figure out how I will do it.

Thinking about everything I need to do is overwhelming and I just want to go lay in bed and no nothing.

I need to create a clear vision for my business with a solid roadmap. I need to have monthly objectives. I need to act fast. I need to be 100% focused with my time.

What do I want for my business, what is my vision?

I want to have a web design business that runs smoothly, and on auto-pilot. I want to book clients every two weeks. I want to give myself time off. I want to have a solid design process. I want to sell products and do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Income:

  • Elementor
  • Astra
  • Hosting / Domains
  • Dubsado
  • Gmail
  • IG Affiliates – funnels to:
    • AMP training – “how this couple quit their jobs to RV full time across the country”
    • secrets exposed book
    • free design consultation
    • luxe marketing service


Products I can sell:

WordPress Themes -too much work? support? not excited about this

Ebooks on topics – leads to different funnels

Graphics (social media, facebook/twitter/pinterest headers, story templates, blog post templates)

Lightroom Pre-sets


Right now, I don’t quite know what the future holds. And that is SCARY. All I know is that I need to get to work. I need to create some killer logos and web sites for my current clients. I need to launch my design business on social media. I need to book more clients. And keep booking clients. Between client work I will do all the extras. I also want to focus on learning my craft. Becoming a better designer. I want to make time to read books. I need to go through the courses that I’ve purchased.

We are going to sign another year lease and stay in our house. Maybe we will have a baby. I’m 32 and it feels like it’s now or never.

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