Always Changing… Always Growing!

I don’t know when we will hit the road. I don’t have a countdown anymore. But we do have a plan…


A new plan, which is fine! I had a complete breakdown yesterday. The Shropshire household had truly broken. Both of us are freaking the FUCK out, but today is a good day. Well, NOW it’s a good day. It was a very rough start. Lots of fighting. Over the stupidest of things!

I took today off. I needed a mental health day BADLY. I needed to get caught up on some design work and I needed a long NAP. I am definitely getting sick. My nose has been running all day and I’ve been sneezing way too often. I took some Sudafed (the good kind!) and I feel a bit better. Laith went grocery shopping and cleaned up the house a bit.

I got a good amount of design work done. Still lots to do, but I’ll get there.

I took a restless two-hour nap. Now I’m here, writing about where we are at, listening to Christian music while Laith looks at RVs on his phone. I’m glad he’s seeing the possibilities out there. I always tell him he needs to read more about the RV world, so he can see there are all kinds of ways to RV full time.

I don’t want to speak for Laith, but I think he’s been severely depressed and anxious about our future. Until about an hour ago. Thank GOD he’s changed his thinking!

He started looking up RVs online that we could buy NOW. RVs that range anywhere from $5000 to $18000. I think he is feeling like this can actually happen now. I think he’s realizing this is going to work. I know I am. So, I’ve updated our plan. I asked Laith to help me work through it, but it’s too much for him to think about so I did it on my own. I think he’s just felt so hopeless, and I started to feel that same way as well. Nasty thoughts run through my head on a daily basis. Thoughts like, “nothing will change, we will be unhappy forever”. Laith would say things like, “I’ll just get another job and be unhappy and work forever and miss all my races.” But over the past hour, things have changed BIG TIME. He’s been saying things like, “we could easily get a loan to pay for the RV” and “I can race races all over the country!” and “our friends will help us fix up the RV”.

It’s so crazy how much your mindset can change your life. A simple switch in thinking can change your life life. The past two days I’ve fixated on hopelessness. NOT ANYMORE!!!

CHANGE IS HARD. Especially when the time is so limited, there’s a lot of pressure, money is short. It can feel like there is no bright future.

I break badly under extreme pressure, and this is the most I’ve felt I think in my whole life. But, I have to remember this will be one of the hardest points in my life. If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.

The biggest worry is MONEY. Damn money. I hate money. I suppose I hate when I have LITTLE money. Right now, we have very little. Since Laith quite his job the other day, I know my businesses are the only way we will make money for our future. Which has really always been the case, but now it’s SO REAL. Right now, my job in sales is how we are paying the bills, and the current clients I have as well. There is no extra leftover.

This is the kick in the ass I’ve needed because now, it’s really NOW OR NEVER. If I can’t make this work now, it will probably never work out.

It’s my time now to do a killer job on the clients I do have while getting my businesses up and running. And I need to work FAST. I need to get everything up and running as quickly as possible because we are running out of money every day.

Our OLD plan was as follows:

  1. Build & grow businesses $$$
  2. Get on the same work schedule
  3. Sell Jeep when paid off: Feb.
  4. Fix and sell the camper: Jeep
  5. Pay off all of our card debt
  6. Sell all of our stuff
  7. Work hard + save for RV down payment $5k to $10k
  8. Buy our RV + move into RV park
  9. Keep working + build savings
  10. Get health insurance
  11. Plan our destinations!
  12. Quit our jobs and hit the road!

Now, our NEW plan is as follows:

  1. Ashley build businesses
    1. Web + Graphic Design
    2. Monthly Marketing Services
    3. IG Affiliate Marketing
    4. T-shirt line
  2. Sell truck and camper
  3. Go month-to-month in our house
  4. Quit my job
  5. Clear out house: sell it ALL
  6. Buy our RV: fixer upper!
  7. Fix up RV + blog journey
  8. Sell the Jeep + get trailer for bike
  9. Hit the road!

We will get health insurance, pay off our debt, and start saving money once we are on the road.

Laith is on the phone with his friend right now, and I just heard him telling his friend about where we are at right now, saying “she’ll work on her websites and I’ll ride my dirtbike”. That’s all I want! It truly is going to be our dream life. Me, writing, designing, making money, securing our financial future, reading, hanging out with the dogs, watching my TV shows, being active, enjoying nature… BEING FREE. All I’ve ever wanted was to be free. And we are making it happen!

I think his therapy is talking things out, mine is writing things out. I can never articulate things as well when speaking with people as I can when I’m writing.

I told Laith this is going to be the hardest part, once we get through this, once we get all the things marked off our NEW plan, we will be living our best life!


Speaking of work, I’ve laid out my plan in my calendar of when I’m doing what with each branch of the business.

  1. Focus on my design clients.
  2. Get my business organized.
  3. Launch design business.
  5. Setup my IG marketing automation.
  7. Start bringing in passive income.
    1. money marketing services
    2. my affiliate income
  8. Design t-shirts and setup business.
  9. Keep blogging WHOLE journey.

Laith was on the phone with his dad. His dad said he may be able to give us some money to help get the RV. He also said the land in Christmas Valley has some hookups, so we can park there to get it all fixed up. Then Laith can build a dirtbike track on the land. That could be our main home base.

Okay, time to enjoy some pizza, a few episodes of “Community” and then back to work!



PS: I don’t know if I want to sell the Jeep. I’d prefer to tow it, so we have a car, but we will see what happens…

Maybe March 1st is a good goal date to drive to Oregon. It’s after my mom and sister’s birthdays. I think Oregon will be our first destination. I’ve updated the countdown!


Once I quit my job I will publish this site and start taking it seriously.

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