296 Days Left // We Found the BEST RV!

Yesterday, I was procrastinating, as usual, and I stumbled upon the BEST RV I have ever seen in my LIFE!

I have been looking at RVs on RVTrader.com for weeks and weeks now. Sometimes for hours at a time.

I thought I’d seen them ALL!

Apparently NOT!

I logged into the website just to peep in on the ones I’d liked so far and one of the featured RVs was one that was being sold in Scottsdale, AZ. I decided to check it out since it was so close to home and I am so glad I did! It is my DREAM RV and it could not be more perfect for me and Laith!

Just click on these photos and see what I mean!

From my research the 2015+ floor plans are the best. They have the larger rounded sink versus the smaller circular sink AND the models older than 2015 don’t have the “foyer” little table thing and I really want that to put keys in when we walk in the door. Plus, I think it’s a great spot to hang up my purse. The metal rod thing just looks lame, so 2015 and newer it is!

Even though the interior is well designed we want to make it our own so we plan to paint EVERYTHING white and gray. I want it to feel as modern and homey as possible. 

You can see another version here, same year and floor plan:

I found all of the images above at this website.

So, it’s day 296, and where do we stand?

We are still working on steps 1 and 2. As a reminder, for you and for me, the 10 step plan is as follows:

  1. Build & grow businesses $$$
  2. Get on the same work schedule
  3. Sell one of our cars & the camper
  4. Pay off all of our credit cards
  5. Sell all of our stuff
  6. Work hard + save for RV down payment
  7. Buy our RV + move into RV park
  8. Keep working + build savings
  9. Plan our destination!
  10. Quit our jobs and hit the road!

As we speak I am supposed to be finishing up the Institute of Aesthetics website TONIGHT, yet I’m writing this blog post because I felt like I had to get it out that we found the perfect RV for us! I am quite obsessive… I’ve been thinking about it all day and it helps clear my mind when I can write about it and add the photos for myself to view later.

So this brings us to still being on steps 1 and 2. I’m working on building my web design business. I’ve found the perfect platforms that I will design on (Astra & Elementor) and I’ve found the perfect CRM to run the business (Dubsado). 

I’ve booked two, maybe three, web design clients so far and I’m working on finishing up the iA site now so next week I can begin client #2’s site (my next door neighbor Maya’s beauty website). My possible third client is my friend Courtney for her real estate website. I need to reach out to her and book a date to meet. I hope she hasn’t chosen someone else to work with.

Today I was supposed to have been DONE with the iA website, but I didn’t work as hard as I should have. Yesterday I perfected the home page and then watched The Good Place all night, fell asleep at 9pm and then woke up around 8am this morning. I was so tired! I sat down to work today and spent way too long designing the iA email signature. Once I was done with her signature I got distracted… and I’m not even sure what I did that was productive after that. I just remembered. I researched if Firefox or Chrome was better for designers… while Firefox is cool, Chrome has more design tools I use on a regular basis. Blog post on that to come, one day.

That brings me to now. I’m about to finish the iA site, which includes adding all of the interior page’s content. It’s going to be a long night but I told her it would be live by morning so I have to make it happen! I think I will work well under a huge time crunch.

Laith just gave me a talking to, he came in and saw me typing this and he knows I have to finish the site tonight. I’m working on it! LOL

Anyway, the point of me writing this was to give you an update on where we are at.

I’m working on my business setup, these next few nights I’ll be setting up my services and redesigning my Luxe site on the new design platforms. I’ll be setup my backend questionnaires and invoicing, basically my intake process. I want to do a relaunching campaign as well over social media because my end goal is to be booked out with sites as far in advance as possible and then eventually quit my job so I can do more sites to make more money to save for our RV lifestyle. Plus, I want to be booked out to have money on the road. AND I want to create some automatic income too, so I’m going to have to go live with this blog sooner rather than later so I can start doing some affiliate marketing and actually sharing what our goals are. I don’t feel right sharing about our goals to both leave our jobs when as far as they know I plan to work there for awhile.

This brings us to step #2. Laith’s boss is saying maybe next month he can get his schedule switched to match mine… I feel like it’s taking forever! Once we get on the same schedule we can sell one of the cars and pay off our credit cards OR now we are talking about using that money to put a down payment on an RV if we find one. We will probably just pay off the credit cards though. On days where we hate our jobs it’s fun to fantasize about leaving NOW. But it’s going to take time.

There you have it. The progress we’ve made is that we are now a bit closer to our goal by just being another day older. I feel like I’ve made some mental progress, though. So, if I’m thinking about how we are closer I can say we are closer for the following reasons:

  1. I’ve realized that I’m meant to be a designer (visual designer is what I will call myself)
  2. I’ve rediscovered my love of learning and plan to study Graphic Design and really master my craft (Adobe product master!)
  3. I’ve figured out how I’m going to design client sites
  4. I’ve figured out how I am going to manage my business
  5. I’ve figured out the exact RV we are going to buy
  6. I’ve figured out which web browser is my favorite
  7. I found my all time favorite purse (it’s a backpack purse!)
  8. I’ve stopped shopping like I used to and only buy things that will go on the RV
  9. I started putting stickers on my teal Hydro Flask… because it’s cool
  10. Today, Laith and I are both 50 days sober from alcohol 🙂
  11. I know before we hit the road I want to upgrade to an iPhone X, because PORTRAIT MODE!
  12. I have also realized I need the Moment iPhone lenses for said iPhone X
  13. Oh, and I read an old journal from when I was 15… and I wrote that I wanted to be a writer and a web designer and NOW LOOK AT ME!
I think that is about it for now. I MUST finish the iA site TONIGHT or else Jenn is going to be pretty upset!

I can sleep tomorrow.
  1. 9/10 MON Finish iA site TONIGHT
  2. 9/10 MON Send iA invoice – Chase Quick Pay is fine
  3. 9/11 TUE Setup Dubsado client intake forms
  4. 9/11 TUE Send Maya questionnaires
  5. 9/12 WED Pack for trip
  6. 9/13 THU Leave for Glen Helen at 5am!

Okay, goodnight for real this time. I’ve cleared everything I’m thinking about out of my brain so now it’s time to finish these soon to be beautiful inside pages for iA/Jenn! Laith came in and helped me out too, so now we are on the same page with the plan for the next few weeks!