285 Days // All for Leroy

As I’m sitting here, I keep thinking that every day we wait to hit the road is another day that Leroy gets older.

Damn puppy commercial. There was a commercial on a bit ago of happy puppies running in grass and mud. I want that for Leroy!

Leroy is our Schnauzer-Yorkie-Poodle mix who we have had for the past five years.

One of my personal main drivers for hitting the road is to give Leroy a good life.

I was just thinking I wonder how long he will live so I do what anyone would do and I Googled it. The average lifespan of a Schnauzer-Yorkie mix, aka Snorkie, is 12-15 years. Holy moly. He is almost 10 so we only have a few good years left with him. I wish he would live forever.

Once we hit the road he will be in his retirement years and I want to give him the best life ever.

My next door neighbor, Lisa, agreed to walk the pups with me every night once the sun goes down, so I hope we stick to that. I want to get him healthy, he’s gained quite a bit of weight because I spoil him with treats and I never walk him.

Anyway, I’ve realized one of my big motivators for hitting the road as soon as possible is Leroy.

Another big motivator is Laith. I want him to be happy on a daily basis. And work does not make him happy. I want to give him time to explore his passions and to make the most of his life.

And of course, a big motivator is for me. I want to be happy and do my favorite things on a daily basis. What makes me happy? Doing things on my own time. Owning my time. Being able to do what I want when I want. This new lifestyle will give me that every day. Of course, I will be running this blog along with our business, but I will schedule my work when I want.

Picking up where I left off last night, I ended up finishing the iA website, but I stayed up til 6am and then called out sick from work since I was so tired… I woke up at 1pm in a haze. I slept for 7 hours straight! Not sure why I’m surprised, I just was going back and forth on calling in sick. I felt like I could totally go to work, I would just be insanely tired. Not sure how I would have done. Plus, now I have to deal with the anxiety of being out sick. I only work tomorrow and then I’m off for five days straight since we are going to Glen Helen for Laith’s race. I told my boss I’d work on Monday to make up for my sick day, so I guess that’s four days off for the race. I have to tell myself this job isn’t my life and the anxiety will fade and it’s not even a big deal, lots of people call out sick. It wasn’t too much of a lie either, I have been severely sleep deprived the past few weeks and I needed another day of rest.

So today I must finish the iA mobile site, resize and compress the images to increase speed, and make sure the contact form works. Also, link the social media icons. The site looks different on my MacBook Pro than on my iMac so I want to look into that as well.

I allowed myself to watch my shows all day today, Big Brother, Real Housewives of Orange County, and Bachelor in Paradise. Now just threw on The Good Place and started writing this post.

Now it’s time to get to work again! Yay! haha

Here’s where I left off yesterday:

  1. 9/10 MON Finish iA site TONIGHT
  2. 9/10 MON Send iA invoice – Chase Quick Pay is fine
  3. 9/11 TUE Setup Dubsado client intake forms
  4. 9/11 TUE Send Maya questionnaires
  5. 9/12 WED Pack for trip
  6. 9/13 THU Leave for Glen Helen at 5am!

Time to get to it!

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