208 Days Left // Eye on the Prize!

Every time I write a post here, our plans have changed, which is totally fine. This is a brand new adventure for us and it’s something that we’ve never done before, so change is bound to happen for sure! That’s the whole point of documenting the journey from start to finish, so other people who are hoping to make the leap from living a “normal” life to being completely self sufficient and free!

So last time I wrote we had decided to live in our pop-up camper. Well… that plan didn’t last very long at all. I mean, there are bears out there and we didn’t feel like we’d be too safe in a pop-up when we are boondocking. Plus, I do not want to have to keep the truck and it’s monthly payment of $430 and I also don’t want to have to put up and take down our home every time we move, which will be pretty often since you can only stay in most places a max of 14 days. The pop-up idea was just a bad one from the beginning.

Laith has been home the last few months really taking care of me while I work my corporate job and design for clients. He’s been doing a LOT of research on RVs and RV life in general. We are for sure going to boondock as often as possible, which basically means to camp for free in remote areas. Of course, we can always stay at campgrounds, resorts, RV parks, etc. but we want to use this adventure to save as much of a nest egg for ourselves as we can.

We’ve discovered that we want to live in a Toyota RV, and there are quite a few models but we really love the Dolphin. Other models are Sunrader, Odyssey, Winnebago Warrior, Itasca Spirit, Conquest, and Sea Breeze. We will take anything that’s at least 1986 as those models and newer have the best axles.

Why a Toyota RV?

So many reasons! They are nice and short, about 21 feet long total so it will fit in a long driveway, and take up a little more than one spot when grocery shopping. They are easy to drive around town. They have all the necessities with good layouts and enough space for both of us to be able to chill out and relax comfortably and without being on top of each other.

Here’s some photos of one we really like on Craigslist:


Today we canceled our DirecTV. This is huge. Seriously, it sounds ridiculous but I almost feel like we’ve been scared to cancel our TV because it’s like WTF this is happening! It’s a small step, but one that is going to save us $200+ per month (our monthly bill was always around $240). We signed up for YouTube TV for $40 a month and it has more than enough sports and entertainment for both of us.

I’m sort of insane and made a list of my must-watch TV shows and how I will be able to watch them. If you’re curious, these are my fav shows and where I can watch them:

  • RHOBH – YouTube TV/Hulu
  • RHONY – YouTube TV/Hulu
  • RHOP – Hulu
  • RHOC – YouTube TV/Hulu
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians – YouTube TV/Hulu
  • Love Island – Hulu
  • Big Brother – YouTube TV
  • The Bachelor – Hulu
  • The Bachelorette – Can buy season/episodes
  • Bachelor in Paradise – Can buy season/episodes
  • Celebrity Big Brother – Can buy season/episodes
  • Southern Charm – Can buy season/episodes

I might not watch as much TV on the road, but it’s totally one of my most fav things to do and I have no shame in saying that!

We’ve stopped the water delivery service as well and will start to just buy water jugs from the grocery store. I haven’t called to cancel it officially yet since we still have a few jugs left, but this is also a small but sort of important step for us. There’s no water delivery on the road!
Laith has been doing a LOT of cooking these past few weeks, focusing on using what we have and staying healthy. He’s gotten VERY good at it as well! He’s made so many tasty dishes using inexpensive staples like rice, quinoa, frozen veggies, chicken, fish. We have always eaten a lot of Mexican food but are now getting more inventive with the recipes. Buying groceries and making meals starts to feel different knowing we will be on the road soon, and we are starting to really think of things we will be able to keep, store, and cook in our camper.
We are learning how we are going to handle the logistics of things as well, like where we will get our mail, what our domicile state will be, how we will connect to the internet, health insurance, setting up our business, etc. We know for sure we want our home state to be South Dakota. Lots of full time RVers use SD as their home state because they really cater to full timers better than other states. I’m sure I’ll write up a full post about these logistics in the future as we get closer to going there to get our driver’s licenses and all the official paperwork taken care of.
Where’s the money coming from?!

I was going to be quitting my job at the end of this month but ended up crushing my quota so now my bonus check is going to be pretty large which means I need to be employed on 1/18/19 in order to get it paid out. This means I will be putting my notice in at the end of January instead of, well, now. It will be hard to quit if I end up getting a good bonus for January as well, but if anything I will fight to get it and still be able to quit. My time is more valuable than a paycheck considering I will be building business that will provide for years and years to come.

I haven’t booked any new clients yet, which freaks me out, but I know once I quit my job I can get super serious about my marketing.

I’ve decided to keep my current computer setup. I’ll work mostly off my 2011 MacBook Pro which I’ve recently upgraded to be just like new. I can always use the iPad as a second screen on the laptop if I need it.
I’m not sure if I’ll end up bringing my 27 inch iMac. The more I think about it the more I’m thinking we should sell it and just use the laptop, 12 inch iPad Pro, 7 inch tablet, and our phones for entertainment and work. I like the idea of having as little as possible, and lugging around an iMac doesn’t seem to fit into that mentality. Laith just came into my office and I told him what I was thinking about and he said if anything we can get a cheap TV or monitor to hook up to. So, we shall see. 
I also think Laith needs his own laptop. I know he wants to write blog posts as well so he should for sure have his own laptop, but maybe just something small and light.
I am pretty nervous about being all-in with making our own money. There’s literally no security, but I am optimistic that God will provide and I will book enough clients to allow us to live our dream lifestyle. I need to just keep having confidence in my skills and talent and know that the clients will come!
I’ll be relaunching Luxe Design Co. in February and this time it’s a whole new look. I want to keep our lifestyle blog and design business very similar in style and I’m going for a tropical, beachy, super chill vibe that is super fun and above all FRESH. Fresh design, unique graphics, and very creative.
I def still want to launch the T-Shirt line and we want to incorporate a cohesive theme of camping, traveling, adventure, dirt biking, being active, and living life to the fullest. That’s down the line for sure, but I’d love to get it 100% operational before we actually hit the road.
I also want to launch the blog by April at the latest. I’d love to launch it ASAP but I want it to be super fresh from the start. April sounds like a good launch date.
TIMELINE – it’s getting more real! (and detailed!)
  1. DEC – Finish Nicole and Jen Sites
  2. JAN – Finish Liz’s site + ask Sarah for referrals
    • Last month of full-time, corporate employment!
  3. FEB – FULL TIME @ HOME! – Luxe is #1 focus
    • go thru Sian’s courses
      • my main offering, services, value, and process (1:1 coaching?)
    • rebrand and launch luxe
    • content and marketing strategy nailed down – month’s worth of posts: business/design/marketing/social media
    • invest in FB and IG ads
    • Luxe Shop: presets, fonts, social templates, themes, e-course or ebook – go thru Wonderlass training on selling fonts
    • start daily running and yoga
    • walk dogs twice per day with Laith
    • start shooting YouTube videos – video diary about our  journey to full time freedom
    • list truck/camper
    • launch our blog
    • content and marketing strategy nailed down – month’s worth of posts
    • invest in FB and IG ads: email list- freebie?
    • setup marketing automation: AMP all to our stuff – READ SECRETS REVEALED! SETUP AUTOMATION FOR THAT
    • design t-shirts and launch t-shirt shop: stickers, etc.
    • book campsite if needed for Washington race
    • Radiantly Well? running/yoga/recipes/minimalistic recipes/meal plans – frugal, simple, healthy – run to cool yoga spots – free yoga videos on YouTube mixed with running – free ebook of recipes, workout plans, meal plans – hiking?
  6. MAY – Fix up RV and move in
    • go on a test trip! see if we need anything else
    • get internet figured out
    • go on a test trip for a week with all the stuff we plan to take
    • get internet setup
I was just telling Laith that these next few months I’m going to have to work the hardest I’ve ever worked to launch not only a wildly successful design business but also a kick-ass design shop, a complete blog, and a t-shirt line. This is for sure going to be a lot of work, but I feel like everything I’ve experienced and learned has brought me to this point in my life to really prove to myself that I can do this and be the badass business woman I’ve always wanted to be. I’m really going to do it all!
With money I’m always searching for stability. Jobs have always given this to me, but with just living expenses and overspending I’ve never created the nest egg I’ve always craved. That’s why I want to be booked with clients months in advance and have a solid passive income coming in before we hit the road. It’s now or never!
We still plan to hit the road in July. We will hit up South Dakota first to get all squared away with the logistics, then go onto Washington for Laith’s dirt bike race. From there we will head down to Oregon and spend a lot of time with Laith’s friends and family. From there, we don’t have any set plans! We will decide where to go when the time comes. Of course, we want to see the whole US and a lot of Canada.

I know Laith’s dad wants us to spend the holidays with him one of these days, but I almost think it would be cool to come back down to Arizona for Thanksgiving and Christmas to sort of regroup after being on the road for 4 months. Plus, it will be winter and we want to stay where it’s warmer most of the time.


This brings me to what we’ve been talking about for our future. We would love to enjoy ourselves for a few years, and then just see how we feel. 

We don’t have any concrete plans but we can picture ourselves having a kid while on the road and eventually buying or building a cabin on some land. I’d love to have a place here in Arizona to be near family, maybe somewhere like Payson or Flagstaff. I think if we do have kids we will want to be near family even more.

Maybe we will invest in real estate and have a few different properties across the country. Laith has been looking at acreage in different states. I def want to always have the RV and be ready to adventure whenever it calls us.

The main vision for our future is financial freedom, financial stability, freedom, adventure, and time with family.

Now, it’s time to go finish Nicole’s website!

Cheers til next time 🙂

4 thoughts on “208 Days Left // Eye on the Prize!”

  1. A Taste of Camping

    We love your plan and how you’ve laid it all out on a time line. We can’t wait to follow along. Best of luck!

  2. I’m just curious, everything in life evolves around your address; you drivers licence and registration/insurance, your mail, your income tax, your credit cards, etc, etc.
    How do you solve this problem? Use a relatives address?

    1. Hey there! Right now we’re using my mom’s address until we can get to South Dakota to become residents there. Then we’ll go to America’s Mailbox and get all setup!

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